Message from the Senior Army Instructor

     The purpose of a quality educational program is to prepare each student for a productive future. Seventy-five percent of all students entering school this year will enter the job market in jobs that don’t even exist today. Thus, our mission and responsibility in school must be to assist each student in developing individual skills and talents that will be applicable, desirable, and needed in many types of future activities and employment.

     SKILLS are needed in order to achieve success in any area. After learning a skill, the student practices, masters, and perfects the skill. Excellence in any skill or knowledge area is the result of much practice, and sustained effort until the level of desired achievement has been met. Only those that continue to work and strive for excellence will ever truly achieve success.

     ATTITUDE is the key element in achieving success. Researchers have stated that eighty percent of our success will relate directly to a positive attitude. Without a positive attitude, most individuals would never recognize, appreciate, or enjoy the benefits of their success or the success of others. Successful people do not have a positive attitude because they are successful; they are successful because they have a positive attitude.

     PRIDE is the outward sign of inward satisfaction and success. The individual that has pride will continually strive to become better and will continually attempt to become the best. Pride allows the individual to recognize and appreciate his or her best as well as the best of others.

     The Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (JROTC) is a voluntary program which offers an opportunity for each student to learn SKILLS, to develop a positive ATTITUDE, and experience a great deal of PRIDE. The skills and leadership learned in this program are absolutely transferable to every activity or source of employment the student will encounter in the future.

     All of us at times are followers as well as leaders in different roles in our life. To be part of the Dinwiddie High School Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps is an opportunity to become part of the best. While we can never live on our past laurels, it does provide a basis for future growth and pride. I urge each of you to learn and develop your skills to the highest level possible, develop a positive attitude, take pride in what you do and you will enjoy success as you strive for excellence.


                                                                                                CW3(R) DAWN M. CATER